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Patriots Allowing Brandon Browner to Test Market

The Patriots secondary could have a new look in 2015.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When the New England Patriots signed Brandon Browner to a contract last off-season, they structured it to provide the franchise with the most possible power. They formed a contract that included an option for future seasons, which meant that the Patriots could cut ties with Browner after just one year.

It's a similar structure as Darrelle Revis and Vince Wilfork, both players with options the Patriots are expected to decline to action. It turns out, Browner could be another name on the market.

Per the Herald's Jeff Howe, the Patriots are allowing Browner to test the market to determine his value. Browner is considered one of the top candidates for a contract restructure to free up additional cap space as his deal is so incentive heavy. If the Patriots converted incentives into a signing bonus, they would be able to spread his cap hit over multiple seasons.

Browner doesn't have to accept the restructure and is likely testing the market to determine if he should receive a pay bump for changing his deal. After former #2 Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell cashed in on a deal worth over $10 million per season, Browner's max deal of $5.6 million per year looks like a complete bargain.

In order for Browner to adjust his contract, he'll likely be looking for money more in line with the market. It will be interesting to see how this develops, as the Patriots are expected to make a decision on Browner in the next 24 hours.

Should the Patriots move on from Browner, they would likely field Logan Ryan, Alfonzo Dennard, or Malcolm Butler is a greater capacity.