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Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of 1st Degree Murder this morning.


Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who was on trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd, was found guilty of first degree murder this morning. The conviction carries with it a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

The 25 year old was a rising star in the NFL and one of Tom Brady's most reliable targets before he needlessly and idiotically threw all of it away in June of 2013, shortly after signing an incredibly lucrative contract with the Patriots. He was released from the team almost immediately after the allegations surfaced, and has been in prison awaiting a verdict ever since. Hopefully he has become accustomed to life in prison.

There were initially some talks about Hernandez getting off on a technicality, as there was no murder weapon and much of what the prosecution had to say was based upon circumstantial evidence, but ultimately there were enough testimonials and proof to eliminate any possibility of a reasonable doubt and Hernandez will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

What a waste. What an awful story all around. Hopefully the decision brings the Lloyd family at least some modicum of peace.