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Hi Guys,

As a couple of guests from other blogs have said, the annual SBN Mock draft is nearly upon us. In fact I've already began exploring the price to move up or down in the draft, and everything will kick off this weekend. With the below schedule.

Saturday April 18th: Rounds 1-3 beginning at NOON (EST)

Sunday April 19th: Rounds 4-7 beginning at NOON (EST)

I've volunteered to GM for the Pats, but would really like some help and input. As an avid reader of the greatest Pats website on the web, I know from the posts and comments what many of you think, and so rather than a list of players, I'm after some people who'd be up for joining the team.

There isn't much to it. Just shoot me an email (it's under my profile) or leave your email in the comments, and before the draft starts, we'll set up a war room post on the Pulpit, which won't pop on the homepage, but I'll send you the link to. We'll then use that as a live thread to discuss our picks.

As I've taken the responsibility, the good news is you don't have to be around for all the proceedings, can just drop in when you like, so hopefully it can fit around other things you're doing.

So if you love the draft, and have some spare time in the afternoon, then consider joining the team, the more the merrier.

Click here to see the list of picks!

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