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Pats Pulpit War Room: Day 1: Rounds 1 to 3

See the work behind the scenes of the Patriots draft in the SB Nation 7 round mock draft.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation is conducting their annual 7 round mock draft and freemanator has volunteered to be the GM for the Patriots and represent Pats Pulpit.

The draft will be conducted over two days:

Rounds 1 through 3 begin Saturday April 18th at NOON (EST).

Rounds 4 through 7 begin Sunday April 19th at NOON (EST).

This Day 1 post will be hidden to the outside world until the beginning of the day two draft, at which time it will automatically post to the front page of Pats Pulpit.

The war room team will then work under a new hidden post that will be shared on Monday.

If you missed out on Day 1 and would like to be a part of Day 2, contact freemanator for the war room link.

We will also provide a summary of the draft events:  players gained, trades made, future draft picks, etc.