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Pats Pulpit War Room: Day 2: Rounds 4 to 7

See the work behind the scenes of the Patriots draft in the SB Nation 7 round mock draft.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation is conducting their annual 7 round mock draft and freemanator has volunteered to be the GM for the Patriots and represent Pats Pulpit.

The draft will be conducted over two days:

Rounds 1 through 3 begin Saturday April 18th at NOON (EST).

Rounds 4 through 7 begin Sunday April 19th at NOON (EST).

The Day 1 war room can be found here.

This Day 2 post will be hidden to the outside world until Monday, at which time it will automatically post to the front page of Pats Pulpit.

We will also provide a summary of the draft events:  players gained, trades made, future draft picks, etc.