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Super Bowl XLIX Champions New England Patriots Blu-Ray Winners

Congratulations to everyone who won our Blu-Ray giveaway!

Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports

The votes in each category are tallied and we have the best submissions below! Congratulations to all of the winners. I will be reaching out to each of you via the e-mail you registered with. If that is no longer your correct e-mail, please let us know, but please do not post your e-mail in the comments section.

Here are the winners:

1) What was your favorite moment from last season?

Winner: conradoconnell

"We're on to Cincinnati"

It set the tone for every single game the rest of the year. That first drive — where we shoved the football down the throats of the 4-0 Bengals was beyond satisfying. Everyone shut up. They let the playing do the talking and the rest is history.

2) What was Bill Belichick's best decision in 2014?

Winner: PatPatriot87

The Saturday Impromptu DeflateGate conference

The controversy was surrounding the team and people were doubting them even after the Thursday conferences. So he gathered up as much information [as he could], told everyone what he knew, and then told them to- in simple terms- "Shut up about this stupid controversy, we got a Super Bowl to win."

I think it became the rallying cry for the Super Bowl and I think the whole team got behind their coach who stuck his neck out for them.

3) Who is the best quarterback of all time, and why is it Tom Brady?

Winner: pablum257

Brady because he's always been able to win in more than one way. And [he] can win when the whole offense is on him throwing more than 50 times in a game, repeatedly, while having the patience to play small when needed.

Rich's Pick: Brady's Revenge

Tom Brady, because you can't spell "Lombardi Trophy" without "Tom Brady" in it. No one else has that honor, not even the great Montana.

4) The player who surprised me the most is _____ and here's why.

Winner: 1254503775323387

Julian Edelman. He showed that he has just as much drive as TB12, especially over the past two years and in this playoff run.

That hit he took from Kam Chancellor and his run after catch was the fire that the team needed to win the Super Bowl.

Winner: iLikeStuff

Danny Amendola. He didn’t put up huge stats. He didn’t even play a tons of snaps. But every time we needed him to step up, he did. Look at what he did in the playoffs. He had two TDs in the Baltimore game and 81 yards. We didn’t even need him for Indy game. In the Super Bowl, Danny was money – 48 yards and 1 TD. Both games we needed EVERY catch, every yard and every TD he got for us.

When there was no room for error, we leaned on a guy that most people labeled a bust and he came through. He caught balls short and made guys miss. We could not beat the Seahawks any other way. We needed Edelman and Amendola to widen the field and get yards after the catch. McDaniels, Belichick and Brady put total faith in him and he delivered on the biggest stage.

Sure, Edelman was great but after last season and all of this season I wasn’t surprised. He’s a stud. So is Gronk. But Danny’s clutch performances were surprising. It think the Seahawks would agree as well.

Winner: LWood1213

Brandon LaFell. Every player that’s been mentioned so far surprised me this season, but I wanted to mention LaFell. I didn’t know what to expect from him, given what you could probably call the lack of progress displayed in Carolina. But he just looked like a different player on the field with Brady (add that to my reasons why Brady is the best; he brings out the best in his team) and he was so driven to contribute. That was a great FA signing.

5) I can't wait until ______ happens in 2015.


When the world realizes that they will not be forgiven for their sins against [Bill Belichick]. The 2014 playoffs was [Belichick] telling the league, "I find your lack of faith disturbing." But in 2015 he, finishes them off with his force choke. If they thought 2007 was a middle finger to the league, just wait until 2015.

Rich's Pick: LukeR91

I can't wait until someone steps up and has us sitting on the edges of our couches, rooting for the next big little guy. As cliché as it may be, there’s always something so appealing about pulling for the underdog; the romance of a nobody seizing his opportunity and catapulting himself to the top not only makes for great competition, it’s as American a story as there ever could be. As everyone knows, since Belichick took over as head coach, he’s made it a point to gamble on these unknowns – daring them to succeed. And, as we’ve seen, sometimes these unknowns can do great things:

While some of these unknowns may regress back to transparency, the moments they leave behind guarantee that they leave as legends instead of whispers and ghosts.

I look forward to seeing what – and who – will happen in 2015. Maybe James White will tear off that red shirt and spell Vereen and more; maybe Daxton Swanson will make a game-saving breakup against a Bills team poised to challenge the reigning king atop his Eastern throne; or maybe someone will, out of the corner of our collective eye, earn his way onto the field and never truly leave it as he gives us a moment that we’ll never forget.