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SB Nation Mock Draft Part 2

Take a look at whom the Pats Pulpit delegation selected on day two.

The crowd has spoken.
The crowd has spoken.
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots addressed DL, receiving back, and CB in the first three rounds of the draft. So where did they go for Rounds 4-7?

4 (101)- Patriots traded the 101st and 219th pick for the 110th and 137th pick. That was a nice move, because moving down nine spots and gaining a 5th at the cost of two 7th round picks. The Patriots still have a 7th round pick and are required to pick at 253.

4 (110)- BJ Finney, C, Kansas State

After trading down with the Minnesota Vikings, the Patriots elected to select another center in the draft. Finney is a steady-eddy type player who can handle the big nose tackles and move them in the run game. Finney dominated Jordan Phillips, who many consider to be a 1st round pick. Finney's athleticism is very limited, so that would make him a better fit for the right guard spot as opposed to left guard. Given Ryan Wendell's expiring contract, the Patriots could be best served having a guy ready to take over in 2016.

4 (131)- Mark Glowinski, G, West Virginia

Patriots go back-to-back IOL selections in the 4th round. Glowinski played guard at West Virginia, but is easily as athletic as some of the tackles in the draft. Glowinski posted excellent numbers at the combine, showing off his impressive athleticism. His technique needs to be tweaked a little bit so he can sustain blocks better, as he relies on his upper half too much. If the Patriots are able to fix his easily correctable issues, he can be a solid piece at the left guard position for the future, and depending on how quick they do it is when Glowinski will crack the starting lineup. His athleticism is too much for the team to ignore at this point.

5 (137)- Kenny Bell, WR, Nebraska

This pick was acquired in the deal that the Patriots moved down from 101 to 110. Kenny Bell brings a nice combination of size, speed, and change of direction. His upside is limited compared to other WRs in the draft, but he's a solid #2/#3 guy who can pick on smaller defensive backs. With Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell, and Rob Gronkowski commanding a lot of attention, Bell will likely see a lot of 1-on-1 matchups against safeties or #3 CBs. If Bell can win the last WR spot on the roster this year and understand the playbook, he could be an effective #3 option as part of a rotation for the 5th eligible receiver. Danny Amendola is likely on the way out in 2016, which is when Bell needs to be ready to step up into the #3 role.

6 (178)- Jarvis Harrison, G, Texas A&M

Harrison is a sleeper prospect and could be in the right guard mix for most teams, but there are questions about his maturity (which seem to follow every Texas A&M player recently). He has the athleticism to be a top-notch guard, but there are concerns about fitness and the ability to finish blocks. He moves very well at 6'4" 330 and is solid in pass protection, something that's been lacking at the RG position since Stephen Neal left. The interior OL mix could get interesting between Glowinski, Finney, and Harrison. I have the Patriots keeping 8 or 9 OL on their roster, so the Patriots could theoretically make room for Harrison if he impresses in camp. If Harrison gets his act together and improves his fitness, he could be the starting RG when camp breaks.

7 (253)- Tony Washington, OLB, Oregon

Washington was a 3-4 OLB for Oregon, but the Patriots utilize a 4-man front for most of their snaps. Washington is in a uphill battle for a roster spot with Chandler Jones, Rob Ninkovich, Jabaal Sheard, Zach Moore and Michael Buchanan as better options on the edge. Athletically, Tony Washington won't strike anyone as fast or explosive but put up respectable numbers at the shuttle and 3-cone with 4.31 and 7.20 respectively. I see this pick as New England going after one of their own priority free agents.

To recap, the Patriots drafted 3 IOL prospect with two of them likely to end up as starters in Week 1 of the 2016 season. Harrison and Bell are two late round guys that could stick on the roster if they can out-produce the uninspiring vets in camp. In the UDFA ranks, the Patriots could look at an inside the tackles runner, edge defender, linebacker, or a depth player in the secondary.