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The Five Worst Patriots Games for 2015, and How to Make Them Fun!

The Patriots have some duds on the schedule. Here's how to make them AWESOME.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots have to play some of the worst teams in the league in 2015. New England hosts four games against teams picking in the top six of the upcoming draft, and it's really difficult to get excited. If the Patriots win, well, yeah, they were supposed to. If they lose, then it's Week 4 against the Chiefs all over again.

So let's break down the five worst games of 2015 and find a way to make them exciting and fun.

5) Week 11 Bills

Monday Night Football against Rex Ryan. The result of this game will be blown so incredibly out of proportion, especially if the Patriots lose at Buffalo in Week 2. Any Ryan defense makes the Patriots offense turn into slop and the pace of the game slows to a crawl. This isn't a football game, so much as it is a trip to the dentist.

Yet this game can be so much fun. Imagine the Patriots going out a throwing a 30 burger on the Bills defense? Sure, they have some quality players on that roster, but any time a team goes out of their way to collect talent instead of build a team, the failure turns spectacular. New England could bury the Bills entire season in this one game on Prime Time.

4) Week 9 Washington

Washington doesn't have the most exciting team; their roster is barren and big play threat DeSean Jackson and running back Alfred Morris are the only players to really write home about. But now we have a story of Tom Brady denying any help to quarterback Robert Griffin III during joint practices last off-season. Brady'll show him how to win first hand.

Oh, and this happened during that preseason game:


3) Week 15 Titans

So the Titans have the absolute worst roster in the entire league. They don't have an offense, they don't have a defense, and they continue to show that they don't know how to operate and develop as a franchise. This is the team that handed away Akeem Ayers for peanuts.

This is a team that also has cornerback Jason McCourty, identical twin to Patriots superstar safety Devin McCourty. Or maybe I should say that Jason is currently a Titan, because it makes total sense that the Patriots would acquire Wondertwin Powers for the price of a 2029 7th round pick before the trade deadline.

So let's consider this the return of Jason to the team that traded him away. Also, another 59-0 shellacking in the snow might be fun, just in time for the playoff push.

2) Week 3 Jaguars

This is a difficult game to get pumped about because it's so low stakes and it's against the most dysfunctional team of the past decade. Jacksonville's front office seems to be operating the team as a business more than a football squad, and they're absolutely succeeding in improving their market share of international fans. It's just not really translating to wins on the field.

But let's throw in the fact that Tom Brady is 4-0 against the Jaguars in his career. The 2007 playoff dismantling, where Brady went 26/28 for 262 yards and 3 touchdowns, is one of the most perfect games in Brady's history. Wouldn't it be exciting to see the Patriots to start the season off with productive offensive performances, instead of having to wait until the final six games of the year? This could be a bloodbath.

1) Week 10 at Giants

The Patriots could finally get their revenge against New Yor...

Sorry. This is a terrible game. Nothing good will come from it. Preston Parker is going to catch a 63 yard pass on 4th down, late in the final quarter, to bring the Giants within scoring position to take back the lead and I'm just going to give up on football.

I wasn't sure where to put the Texans Family Reunion Game. It'll hurt to see Vince Wilfork in another uniform, but I think most are happy for him. Can't take too much pleasure in winning this game, while losing would certainly sting.