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Mock Draft First Round Thread

After months of planning, the team mock draft is finally here. The first round of the mock draft will start at noon ET. The mock is now between myself and three other posters due to scheduling conflicts with the noon starting time. This mock draft will include trades and allows to trade future picks to add another layer of fun to the mix. A reminder of the first round rules:

  1. The draft pick clock will be set to 8 minutes. The normal clock would be 10 minutes, but we as fans can afford to be wrong because it's just a fun exercise instead of franchise-altering decision.
  2. Pulpit Posters should not try to interact with the posters in the Google Group Chat. It doesn't matter if you own a Google account and can access the chat. If you want to post your 2¢, this live thread should be sufficient.
  3. Making fun of the Jets and Dolphins is acceptable when they pick. In fact, I would say it's encouraged a bit.
There are a lot of interesting questions that surround the first round, and here are plenty to consider.
  • Does a team trade up for Mariota? Will it be the Jets, Browns, or a mystery team if it does happen?
  • Will there be a run at CBs towards the end of the first round?
  • Will there be a run at WRs?
  • Do Nose Tackles Danny Shelton and Eddie Goldman drop in the draft because of lack of perceived value in the passing game?
  • Do the Patriots Trade Up, Down, or Stay Put?
  • What surprising trade will happen that causes the foundation of the NFL Draft to shake?
  • Which GM makes the "Save My Job" move that we all think is a bad move?
Answers aside, the mock draft probably doesn't provide anything to project in terms of what will actually happen in the draft. It's just a fun exercise for everyone to put their GM cap on and try to predict what will happen. For the time being, enjoy the show.