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Super Bowl XLIX Patriots vs Seahawks Named Greatest Game of All Time

This might be a case of recency bias, but the latest Super Bowl was just named the greatest game of all time.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Even if this might be due to recency bias, the New England Patriots Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks has claimed the title of Greatest Game in NFL History.

The NFL ran a voting bracket over the past few weeks, in the theme of March Madness, allowing the fans to decide for themselves. The Cowboys led the way with seven nominations, while the 49ers came in second with six. New England (fittingly) tied with the Giants for third.

These five Patriots games make the initial cut:

2001: Tuck Rule Game

2001: Super Bowl

2006: The Colts AFCCG Comeback

2007: 18-1

2014: Super Bowl

The Patriots led the second round, with all five games making it through the initial round of voting,. The Cowboys had four games move on, while the 49ers and Steelers had three.

The 2001 Super Bowl and 2006 AFCCG collapse didn't make it through to the third round. The final sixteen games presented an extremely interesting bracket, with the Cowboys, 49ers, and Patriots all pitting games against themselves. For the Patriots, the 2014 Super Bowl beat out the 2001 Tuck Rule Game. The 2007 Super Bowl lost out to the Steelers-Cardinals Super Bowl.

The final round featured this past Super Bowl against the Steelers-Cardinals Super Bowl, which had a tremendous finish in its own right, with Santonio Holmes catching the game winning touchdown in the back corner of the end zone with 42 seconds left on the clock.

The Patriots 4th Super Bowl victory claimed the title of the Greatest Game in NFL History with 55% of the vote.