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Win a Blu-Ray: Super Bowl XLIX Champions New England Patriots

Enter to win a chance at a Blu-ray of the NFL Films' recap of the Patriots 2014 Super Bowl season!

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

So I just happened upon a bunch of Blu-Ray discs of the NFL's official footage of the New England Patriots 2014 Super Bowl season. I broke down the tape last month when it was originally released, and now I have some copies that I want to give away!

So here's what we'll do. We're going to put five different topics for discussion in the comments section. They will be:

1) What was your favorite moment from last season?

2) What was Bill Belichick's best decision in 2014?

3) Who is the best quarterback of all time, and why is it Tom Brady?

4) The player who surprised me the most is _____ and here's why.

5) I can't wait until ______ happens in 2015.

Please post your submission as a response to my original comments, so all submissions are kept together.

The winner of each section will come from the post with the most recommendations, so make sure you "Rec" the posts you enjoy reading, share your experiences with your family and friends, and enjoy reliving the past season. We will also have some Staff Picks out of those that don't win.

We will limit one winning submission per poster. Sorry, but you have to be in the US to win due to borders and such. The contest will end on April 16th at 5 PM EST.

Post away!