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Malcom Brown with the most Belichick answer ever

New England's first round draft choice, Malcom Brown, is already speaking like a Belichick-trained Patriot.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots 1st round draft choice Malcom Brown isn’t even 24 hours into his Patriots tenure, but he’s already speaking the Patriot way.

During his post-draft conference call, Brown was asked if the Patriots worked him out privately and if the team had any other specific contact with him. Brown’s response:

Like I said, any contact I had with the team is like I had with any other team. They talked to me; I talked to them at the combine. Whatever they asked of me I’ve done that. So I just worked at my best.

No coaching from Belichick or anything. Literally the most Belichick answer to that question that anyone could summon. This is the equivalent to Belichick’s "I’ll talk about the players that are on the team" line. He gave absolutely nothing away when it comes to the Patriots’ pre-draft process. Perfect. This guy is already a Patriot.