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2015 NFL Draft: Grading the Patriots 1st Round Pick of DT Malcom Brown

The Patriots have bolstered their defensive line. Was it the right move?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

While some might say, "we're on to the second round of the draft," and others might say, "wait, why are we grading a player who hasn't even taken the field?", I consider myself in both camps. I also recognize that there are many different aspects of the draft to evaluate, including how a team performed based upon our preconceived ideas of which players will develop into quality professionals.

If we invest so much of our time into creating prospect rankings and positional values, then it makes perfect sense to evaluate the execution through the lens of our prior work. These evaluations don't mean anything with regards to the prospects future developments, but instead it helps us as draftniks and living room scouts improve our own processes.

So with all of this in mind, how would you grade the Patriots first round pick of defensive tackle Malcom Brown at 32nd overall? There are many different facets of this selection to review.

First, were you happy with the player they selected? Do you think he offers a good fit?

What about the position? How about after watching how the first round played out?

Were there any other players you liked more? Or positions you thought better worth addressing?

Did you like the fact that they even picked in the first round, or do you think they should've taken the Texans trade offer to move down into the second round? Maybe you think they should have traded up in the first round?

There's a lot to digest. What are your thoughts?