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New England Patriots Links 5/11/15 - Relentless Malcom Brown 'Exceptionally Athletic For His Size''

Daily news and links for 5/11/15

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Malcom Brown earns high praise for character, ability from his former coaches
Malcom Brown earns high praise for character, ability from his former coaches
Chris Covatta/Getty Images



  • Mike Reiss posts some quick-hit weekend thoughts from the Patriots and around the NFL.
  • Christopher Price Sunday NFL Notes: In the last five years, New England has made 48 draft picks, and 24 of them have been college captains.
  • Karen Guregian posts some random thoughts as we await to see the lengths to which Goodell drops the hammer on Tom Brady: Fans will back Brady louder than ever.
  • Michael Hurley questions why is it that the Patriots are held to a much different standard than most every other NFL team? Here's a guess.
  • Jeff Howe reports that according to sources, the NFL is not negotiating with the Patriots as they work toward disciplinary findings.
  • Jimmy Toscano notes the Wells report fails to find out which gauge was used to measure the Patriots footballs before AFCCG, and that's a big problem.
  • Kevin Duffy gives us three thoughts on two PSI gauges, Tom Brady and one big New England Patriots deflate mess.
  • Jim Donaldson reports former Chargers GM A.J. Smith sides with Brady and the Patriots, says deflategate result of envy, jealousy over Pats' success.
  • Editorial in the Providence Journal points out "It is interesting, though, that in the Super Bowl, with carefully inflated and monitored footballs, [Tom Brady] turned in one of the most spectacular performances in the game’s history and was justly named the Most Valuable Player.
  • Tom E. Curran sees the deflategate reaction is now a race to be the most ridiculous.
  • Shalise Manza Young talks about how the league must change its rules after deflategate.
  • Jeff Howe posts the Q&A with Tom Brady's agent Don Yee, who was in the room for his interview with Ted Wells' investigation.
  • Jerry Thornton points out the referee who measured the air pressure has screwed the Patriots before.
  • Ben Volin speculates on what Brady's punishment will be, and since there is no precedent, compares it to baseball and hockey equipment infractions.  /What???.'
  • Doug Kyed doesn't think the proposed Brady punishments fit the Wells report findings.
  • Mark Daniels notes that a lack of clear precedent adds intrigue surrounding a Brady punishment.
  • Jerry Thornton wonders why the Wells report ignores the NFL lying to the Patriots.
  • Adam Vaccaro finds a fact that Ted Wells got wrong in his report. It's minor point, but if this is flat-out wrong, what about the other facts?
  • Steve Buckley writes that many sports arguments are little more than high-octane geographical food fights, but deflategate has pitted former teammates against each other.
  • Fitzy from Townie News posts his latest edition of Sh*t Pats Fans Say:The Wells Report. (2.52 min. video)
  • Jeff Howe Patriots Notebook: Pre-existing conclusions; Tom Brady’s agent continues his assault of the Deflategate investigation; League isn't obligated to follow the recommendations of the Wells report; Patriots have officially signed nine of their 11 draft picks; Pats announced the signings of seven undrafted free agents.