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New England Patriots Links 5/12/15 - Roughing The Passer: Only Way to Beat Brady is Take Him Out

Daily news and links for 5/12/15

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  • Chris Gasper believes Tom Brady is serving a suspension for two: The league has wanted its pound of Patriots flesh from Spygate, and eight years later taking it right out of the franchise QB.
  • Tom E. Curran says the NFL lifted it's leg on the Patriots late Monday afternoon - the QB, the owner, the team's reputation and it's legacy - handing down a medieval suspension.
  • Michael Hurley calls the NFL's punishment of Tom Brady for deflategate far beyond ridiculous.
  • Mike Reiss reports Robert Kraft decides he is not done fighting on behalf of the Patriots.
  • Mike Reiss serves up some leftover tidbits from the NFL's ruling against the Patriots on Monday, including Stephen Gostkowski avoiding punishment.
  • Rich Levine calls attention to the lost text messages in the Wells report. /Very interesting.
  • Steve Buckley points out the real issues facing the NFL aren't as entertaining as watching them get all make-pretend tough with a franchise so loathed that other fans are celebrating as if it were Mardi Gras.
  • Steve Balestrieri accuses Goodell of playing to the crowd and making the outcome of this investigation a foregone conclusion from the outset.
  • Ben Volin insists the Patriots brought this all on themselves by being arrogant and defiant from the start.
  • El Presidente (Barstool Sports) The only unbiased conclusion you can make from deflategate is that the NFL is corrupt and wanted this to happen.
  • Adam Kurkjian notes that if the 4-game suspension stands, Tom Brady's return would come against the Colts.
  • Christopher Price explains how deflategate will mark the beginning of the end for Roger Goodell.
  • The Herald compares Tom Brady's ban with other NFL suspensions.
  • CBS Boston reports Patriots fans say #NoBradyNoBanner on NFL opening night.
  • Scott Lauber notes David Ortiz blasts the NFL's "crazy" Tom Brady ruling, "They (bleeped) up on that one. I don't know how to say it better than that."
  • The Herald reports a broad swath of pols and local celebs weighed in quickly yesterday on Tom Brady’s punishment for "Deflate­gate", bashing it as 'absurd', 'unfair'.
  • The Herald shares a few Twitter reactions from around the league. Woody Johnson's wife is thrilled.
  • Jerry Thornton takes the bullhorn in his hands to rally the masses for Tom Brady. (1.54 min. video)


  • Oliver Thomas (247 Sports) Piecing together the Patriots' tight end depth chart.
  • Phil Perry notes Jimmy Garoppolo will likely be the starter for the New England Patriots when Week 1 rolls around. Is he ready to handle it?
  • Karen Guregian looks at how the loss of Tom Brady might impact the Patriots in the first four weeks.
  • John Breech (CBS Sports) Michael Vick to Patriots? Here are New England's veteran QB options.
  • Analysis Team (Pro Football Focus) PFF's Top 101 of 2014: 101-91.
  • Phil Perry reports Kyle Arrington takes to social media to thank "first class" Patriots and the fans for "incredible" six years.
  • Jerry Thornton discusses how the Jets and 13 other NFL teams get paid to honor veterans. Patriots are not one of these teams.
  • Brady Poppinga (Football by Football) How NOT to handle being traded in the NFL.
  • Karen Guregian Patriots Notebook: The Patriots championship secondary is no longer recognizable, with the release of Kyle Arrington yesterday and Alfonzo Dennard last week; Patriots signed TE Fred Davis to a 1-year deal and OL Kevin Hughes.