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New England Patriots Links 5/13/15 - Brady Responds, Hires Lawyer to Fight Back

Daily news and links for 5/13/15

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  • Chris Mason reports Tom Brady officially has taken his gun out of its holster with the hiring of NFL nemesis Jeffrey Kessler to his legal counsel.
  • Steve Buckley observes that no one should be surprised at the hiring of Kessler, as there is no middle ground for Tom Brady.
  • Mark Patinkin writes that if Roger Goodell had honor, he would have declared there would be no Deflategate punishment — because no crime was proven.
  • Tom E. Curran sounds off on Ted Wells report and explains why Brady’s lawyers will be able to prove that there is no evidence Tom Brady did anything.
  • Adam Kurkjian reports Ted Wells defended the findings in his report yesterday, specifically attacking statements made by Tom Brady's agent Don Yee.
  • Phil Perry points out that even though Wells told Brady 'you can keep the phone', If Brady was allowed to hand-pick the texts to be made available, wouldn't investigators naturally assume that there may have been incriminating messages that would have been withheld?
  • Ron Borges wonders what Roger Goodell will do: decide to keep the ball himself, or lateral it to someone else.
  • Chad Finn opines that even if Brady was "ordering it, overseeing it, and providing giant needles with T.B. 12's FOOTBALL DEFLATORS etched on the side, the punishment is akin to being sent to Leavenworth for jaywalking."
  • Rich Levine believes Roger Goodell should be looking for a job.
  • Mark Daniels sees the loss of the first-round pick seems like the cruelest blow in the whole punishment.
  • Jerry Thornton is indignant that the Wells report ignores the NFL lying to the Patriots.
  • Mike Reiss reports that in an anything-but-subtle show of support for Tom Brady, the Patriots changed the avatar on their verified Twitter account to the back of Brady's No. 12 jersey.
  • Michael Hurley notes Ted Wells claims impartiality, despite his multi-million dollar payday from the NFL.
  • Doug Kyed takes a look at how the league prevented Ted Wells from definitively pinning any wrongdoing on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.
  • Eric Wilbur doesn't believe any side; This was the commissioner's "make-up test to shift attention away from his whirlwind incompetency to another target: The Patriots and Golden Boy Brady."
  • Mike Reiss answers his weekly Patriots Mailbag: Fans lash out at the NFL, urge Pats to respond by winning.
  • CSNNE guest former Supervisor of NFL Officials Jim Daopoulos states the footballs should not have been left unattended.
  • Chris Villani isn't surprised that the NFL came down too hard on Tom Brady and the Patriots.