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DeflateGate: Draft Picks or Suspended Tom Brady - Which Penalty Would You Rather Have?

Vote in this poll for which aspect of the DeflateGate penalty is worse?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Pulpiteer mahmove posed an interesting question on another thread:

If you could get one component of this "sentence" wiped out completely (the 4 game suspension for TB, the 1st and 4th round pick, or Kraft’s mil) and have the others stand as is. What do you opt for?

I think most can agree that penalizing Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots $1 million is the least consequential of the penalties (even though it's the only penalty that set a new league record).

So here's the new question:

Assuming a penalty is inevitable, which penalty would you rather have enforced? Would you rather see Tom Brady suspended for four games, or would you rather lose a 2016 1st round pick and a 2017 4th round pick?

Ideally, no penalty is levied, but it's more probable than not that a head or two will roll.

There are a lot of factors in this debate. Can the Patriots survive without Brady for four games? Does whatever impact on his legacy outweigh the potential harm from losing a first round pick? Is Jimmy Garoppolo good enough that losing the first round pick might have worse repercussions?

Vote in the poll below. I'm interested to see your thoughts.