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DeflateGate: Roger Goodell Will Hear Tom Brady's Appeal

In the non-surprise of the century, the NFL's commissioner will be hearing the Patriots quarterback's appeal.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The notion the New England Patriots would receive a neutral party to hear Tom Brady's appeal seems reasonable. It's also an idea that the league has no interest in supporting.

So, to get this straight, the person responsible for initiating this investigation, for selecting the party responsible for the investigation, for paying their expenses, and for signing off on Brady's initial suspension is trying to play neutral?!

This doesn't pass the smell test. This sort of action has been overturned in the past because it's literally impossible for Goodell to be a neutral party. The Missouri Supreme Court concluded that the commissioner cannot act as arbitrator because they're paid by the league and, as a result, are beholden to the league. Even if the commissioner gave the power to Troy Vincent to handle the penalty, Goodell is still a non-neutral party.

So this will be appealed. The Patriots will be going to court.