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New England Patriots Links 5/15/15 - Hot Air Builds Around #Deflategate: No Longer About Footballs

Daily news and links for 5/15/15

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  • Karen Guregian notes that while initially Robert Kraft didn't want to go down this path, now the gloves are offand the Patriots are officially at war with the NFL.
  • Mike Petraglia believes the NFL should end this charade, cut their losses and lift Brad's suspension before it's too late.
  • Tom E. Curran notes that the Patriots' rebuttal is effective at pointing out the league's bias.
  • Kevin Duffy analyzes eight key points made in the Patriots' rebuttal to the Wells report.
  • Mike Reiss digs in on the ramifications of Roger Goodell appointing himself to hear the appeal of Tom Brady's suspension: A possible end game that works for everyone.
  • Michael Hurley offers a deeper breakdown of what the Patriots released on Thursday.
  • Christopher Price writes that this is the point of no return, with the showdown looming between the commissioner and the Patriots.
  • The Herald picks out some unusual out-takes from the Patriots' response to the Wells' report.
  • Mike Reiss posts the transcript of this week's online Patriots chat: A lot of deflategate questions, and a few even about football.
  • Bill Speros talks about how Tom Brady is trending on social media lately.
  • Tim Benz goes full-on snark in his condescending explanation to us slow-witted, knee-jerk reacting Patriots fans, why every other fan base hates us. /Shut up, Benz.