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DeflateGate: Robert Kraft Talks with MMQB, Sounds "Angry"

The owner of the New England Patriots won't be quiet while his franchise takes a public hit.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the franchise owners meet up in San Francisco, it's no coincidence that MMQB's Peter King sat down with team owner Robert Kraft. The Patriots are Kraft's baby and to insult the franchise is to insult him, his family, and his entire legacy. He isn't take the league's choice of direction with DeflateGate lightly.

After the league and the Wells Report were made public, New England took a three pronged approach to counter the less-than-quality research and justification by the NFL. Tom Brady's agent, Donald Yee, took to the airwaves to denounce Wells' findings and to claim innocence for his client. The NFL Players Association railed against the four-game suspension of Brady and took the opportunity to chip away at Commissioner Roger Goodell's power in the appeals process.

And then there's Kraft. He's made multiple statements to express how upset he is with how the league took part in a witch hunt, and how they tried to justify the heaviest penalty in league history on nothing but questionable inferences and lousy science.

Through MMQB, Kraft made a few of his standard talking points known:

1) He fully supports Tom Brady and is convinced of his quarterback's innocence.

2) Kraft is angry and is shocked that the league would enforce such a punishment "without proof."

3) He is very upset with how Wells "distorted the science" and used "ambiguous circumstantial evidence" to come to their conclusion; it felt like the league and Wells had made up their mind prior to the investigation, and tried to work backwards to fit their projection.

4) This whole event has pretty much destroyed Kraft's relationship with Goodell.

5) He's leaving the door open for the team to potentially escalate to the courts.

Kraft seemed to make a point to highlight the flaws on gauge usage in the Wells Report, with Walt Anderson's recollection clearly a focal point out of the Patriots camp.

There's nothing really new that's offered, but the fact that Peter King hasn't has the best relationship with New England since SpyGate back in 2007, and Kraft chose him? That speaks volumes about how Kraft is on a mission to try and correct the public opinion through every outlet necessary.