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DeflateGate: Analysis of Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Not Pursuing Appeal

The Patriots owner is conceding to the league's ruling.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced that he will not be pursuing an appeal of the penalties laid out by the league for DeflateGate.

Kraft held a press conference at the Owners Meeting to state that the Patriots will be accepting the league's penalty of a 2016 1st round pick, a 2017 4th round pick, and a record $1 million for DeflateGate. Kraft admits that Patriots fans won't like or understand his decision, but that this action is the best for the Patriots and the league. Kraft did not take any questions.

This will not impact the appeal of quarterback Tom Brady.

It's important to note that Kraft did not have the support of the rest of the league. Five owners felt comfortable enough to publicly support Goodell, along with six other team leaders. If Kraft forced an appeal, he would further isolate himself from the inner circle of the league and it would negatively impact the future influence of the Patriots franchise.

This was a decision made with the long term stability of the league in mind, not with the aim of protecting the immediate repercussions of hurting the team's character. It's clear Kraft is putting the league in front of the team's image and the fan's support, and this is absolutely going to damage the team's reputation.

It was noted that Kraft and Goodell were working behinds the scenes to try and come to a resolution, so there's still an off-chance that the other foot will fall. It doesn't seem likely that the league would enforce a full penalty on the Patriots, if they planned on giving Brady a reduced sentence.

From what we've seen through this process- the witch hunt of an investigation, the overreaction by the league, the acquiescence of the penalties- it doesn't appear that anything will come up roses for the Patriots.