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Angle Tackling With Jordan Richards

Here's an interesting video with our newest safety instructing the art of angle tackling.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

How many times have you yelled at our safeties about taking poor angles?

Rookie Jordan Richards has got your back.

Can Richards play deep safety?

Can he hit like a Mack truck?

Let's see....

Here he is (#8) playing two deep safety.  Their team allows a LOT of cushion.

Here he is (#8) moving around a bit more.  A little deep, a little coverage.  Around the 40 second mark you'll see them give up a TD.  While Jordan is the guy closest to making a play on the running back.  That was a breakdown of the line and linebackers, and Richards wasn't even the closest safety in run support.  He still closes and makes the tackle albeit too late.

Nice hit at 5:30.  He has a nice read and react at 5:40.