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2015 NFL Draft Results: Patriots select Florida State G Tre' Jackson at 111

With the 111th pick in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots have selected Florida St. guard Tre' Jackson.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots continue to roll in the fourth round, and have selected Florida State G Tre' Jackson with the 111th pick in the 4th round of the 2015 NFL Draft. This was one of three picks that the Patriots acquired in their day two trade with the Browns, in which they traded away the 96th pick.

This is an excellent pick by the Patriots. Jackson was projected by most to go between the second and third rounds, so this represents great value for the Patirots and a position of tremendous need.

We'll have more analysis on Jackson soon, but it's not hard to imagine the behemoth 6'4" 330 lbs guard slot into the starting line-up year one. Such a move would reunite him with former Florida State Bryan Stork, who is the Patriots incumbent starting center.

Jackson has his flaws, and as his combine numbers will tell you, he's not as athletic as most interior linemen the Patriots have selected. However, he's already an excellent run blocker, and has a lot of potential to grow in pass protection and anchor against the monster defensive tackles of the AFC East.

What are your thoughts on this selection?

The Patriots still have yet another 4th round pick remaining at 131, along with an additional four picks between rounds 5-7. Here's the full draft board:

Round Overall Pick Selection
1 32 Malcom Brown, DL, Texas
2 64 Jordan Richards, S, Stanford
3 97 Geneo Grissom, DE, Oklahoma
4 101 Trey Flowers, DE, Arkansas

111 Tre' Jackson, G, Florida St.

131 ---
5 147 ---

178 / 202

7 253