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Robert Kraft is No James T. Kirk!

Kraft was unable to beat the no-win scenario, and a mix of Hollywood analogies.

We Come In Peace ... AKA Shoot To Kill
We Come In Peace ... AKA Shoot To Kill

All Star Trek fans know about the Kobayashi Maru test.  It is a no-win scenario where a ship, the Kobayashi Maru issues a distress signal from the Klingon Neutral Zone.  The ship is losing life support, and no other ship can possibly save it.  If test taker's ship attempts to aid the Kobayashi Maru, Klingon ships converge and eventually destroy their vessel.  You either watch the ship die, or you die trying to save it.

When faced with the Kobayashi Maru, the no-win scenario, James Tiberius Kirk simply changed the rules so that winning was possible.  Kirk was awarded a commendation for "original-thinking",  Of course, since everything was scripted, the outcome lead to a nice happy ending.  Kirk gets his own command, and leads the Federation's Flagship on adventure after adventure.  Of course, Captain Kirk actually failed the test twice before he came up with his innovative solution.

Robert Kraft is no James T. Kirk.  His fans were stranded in hostile territory.  The only way to save them would be to destroy his flagship team, and Kraft chose not to do it.  There was no script which guaranteed a happy ending.  There was no way to change the rules so winning was possible.  In fact, isn't that what the Patriots are constantly accused of?  Also Kraft, unlike Kirk, wasn't allowed do-overs.

For the sake of the Federation (NFL),  Kraft chose not to break the Neutral Zone Treaty (the NFL bylaws), and in doing so he left the Kobayashi Maru (his fans) to their fate.

As much as we'd all like to for Kraft to have charged ahead and vindicate us, there was no real way to do that.  It would have simply been like Don Quixote tilting at windmills, the neighbors dog chasing down a car, or a fly trying to bust through your windshield.  Ineffective at best and destructive at worst.

This is disappointing, because I was hoping there would be some little twist, some little turn that would allow them to pursue this case.  Nobody likes the no-win scenario.  Hollywood has made a great deal of money from heroes that can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  I was hoping Kraft would be one of those heroes.  Unfortunately, it just wasn't in the script.

BTW, I totally get it if you are more of a fan of Star Wars than Star Trek.  If you keep reading, I've got you covered.

This thing has played out so far like the Star Wars.  The Emperor (Goodell)  has all of the systems (teams) in his iron fist.  Then Kraft threatens to break free and we have A New Hope.  Unfortunately, we now realize that sometimes The Empire Strikes Back.  Still, there is one whose fight continues, and the Force is strong with this one.  Perhaps at the end of the trilogy there will be a Return of the Jedi.  Anybody have a droid that I can record a, "You're our only hope", message on?  I promise to give it back.  Anyone?  Hello?