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DeflateGate: NFL Trolls Patriots on Social Media

The league is making it clear that they have a bone to pick with the Patriots.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's integrity has no limits.

One week after the league decided to create a brand new hashtag for their Instagram account as an opportunity to promote a picture of the helmet catch, they've taken their trolling of the New England Patriots just one step further.

For a league that is so bent on trying to claim impartiality, this doesn't seem right. When the league conducts their internal investigation over the DeflateGate leaks that forced the narrative in the public sphere, perhaps this can be used as evidence that they were helping to promote the anti-Patriots sentiment.

And no, it doesn't explicitly state that this is a dig at the Patriots. But none of the Patriots texts said anything about deflating footballs after the officials approved them, and none of them said that New England wanted them below the allowed limit.

It's more probable than not that this is the NFL taking a dig at the Patriots. I believe that, from the bottom of my heart.