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Introducing Patriots First Round Pick: Defensive Tackle Malcom Brown Is Working Hard

New England introduced their first round pick with a Wednesday press conference.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft introduced first round pick Malcom Brown to the media on Wednesday. Kraft called upon five important players in Patriots lore during his speech.

"I think back 21 years ago with Willie McGinest, we had the privilege yesterday of announcing that he’ll be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. It got me thinking, I hope I’m around 21 years from now and have the same privilege of introducing you to [Malcom Brown]," Kraft said to the audience. "We like the name Malcom. We’ve had a pretty good history with that name over the recent past. And the name Brown has been pretty good, too- one of our best long-term players. We were thinking of D-linemen who have come here married with children and that’s been a pretty good history as well with Ty Warren and Vince Wilfork, so we hope Malcom continues in this tradition."

Any time the franchise owner brings up two current, and one future, Patriots Hall of Famers- McGinest, Troy Brown, and Vince Wilfork- the player is in good company.

When Malcom Brown addressed the crowd, he made it clear that hard work was only one thing on his mind.

"It's a great honor to be here," Brown stated. "Just to contribute to a team that's hard working and just to get in the program and work hard with them."

In the question and answer period, Brown said more of the same, and you can guarantee that he's parroting everything that coach Bill Belichick has told the rookies- he's just here to work (emphasis mine).

Q: What's your life been like since the day you were drafted?

MB: I've just got to focus and get ready to go to work.

Q: What's the acclimation process been like for you?

MB: Really just getting in with the guys, everybody is taking me under their wing and everybody just wants you to work hard. Really you don't have a choice but to work hard because everybody's going to compete.

Q: What did you do between the draft and May 7 when you were in Texas?

MB: Just worked out and got my mind ready to come here and go to work.

Q: How welcoming have your new teammates been to you?

MB: Very welcoming. Everybody wants you to work hard and help the team win games. As long as you've got that mindset, everybody's happy with you.

Q: When we talked to you on draft weekend, you said you wanted to be one of the best Patriots draft picks ever. Where does that confidence come from?

MB: I just really want to work hard and just become the best player I can be. Wherever that may lead me, that's where it will lead, but right now I'm just trying to work hard.

Q: What has the reaction to that statement been?

MB: You know, there is a lot that's been going on with all that, but I can't focus on it. I'm not trying to. Like I said, I'm just trying to work hard, contribute to the team and do whatever I'm asked to do.

Q: Did you get a lot of grief from your new teammates for saying that?

MB: Not really. Everybody's just really focused. There's a lot to learn and there's a lot going on right now with OTAs, and everybody's just trying to learn, get better and work hard.

Q: Are your wife and kids here or in Texas?

MB: They're in Texas. Whenever we have time I'll get them up here and we'll look for houses and stuff, but as of right now I'm just trying to work and focus on what I'm doing.

Q: What does your family mean to you?

MB: It means a lot because I have more than me to support right now. A lot of people depend on what I have to do, and it motivates me to play hard and just to work harder because I've got people leaning on me.

Q: Has coming here been what you thought it would be? Is it easier or harder?

MB: Coming into this process you hear a lot from guys who come back from college and guys that you talk to. Everybody said you're going to have to compete and you're going to have to work, and so far everybody was right. You have to come here, you have to work hard, you have to compete every day. You have to pack your lunch and come to work.

Q: Coming to a team that has controversy surrounding it, have you been given any advice on how to deal with the media or the distraction?

MB: Not really. I haven't really been focusing towards that. Like I said, I'm just here to work. That's all I've been focusing on is getting better every day and learning the material and getting better and working hard.

Q: What's your mindset on not trying to do too much and not trying to replace Vince Wilfork?

MB: Not really. I haven't really thought about replacing anyone. I'm just here to work. I can't stress that enough, just compete every day and work because nothing is given to you.

Q: Did you have a fan moment when you got here, kind of amazed at the famous players around you?

MB: Not really. I can't be a good teammate if I'm focused on all that stuff, this and that. I just go to work. I just use their work ethic to help mine and adapt to theirs because they work hard every day and go to work.

Q: Will your friends switch allegiances now that you've been drafted by the Patriots?

MB: Everybody was happy. I've got to let all that go. That was a one-time thing, the draft day, and I'll just focus everything on coming in here and going to work.

Q: Have any teammates talked to you about the experience last year in the Super Bowl?

MB: Not really. They're just like us. They come here to work every day and they want us to have the right mindset going into next year. Nobody is really talking about last year; they're talking about the now and the future. They want to work hard, going forward and getting better next year.

Q: Are there any expectations for you to come in and contribute to a championship defense?

MB: Not really. I think the only expectation for me is just to work hard, just as it is for everybody else on the team. They just want everyone to work hard and give it all every day and to leave it all on the field or leave it all in the weight room.

Get back to work.