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Tom Brady Backed Up Eli Manning for Entourage

The Patriots star quarterback came in 2nd to Eli Manning for the third time.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hates coming in second place, and it has to sting a little to fall behind New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. While Brady has almost everything a person could want in this world, beating Eli has to be particularly sweet.

Eli has had his fair share of success on the silver screen, with his brother Peyton Manning opening up opportunities left and right. Whether it's advertising for DirecTV or performing on SNL, Eli has done a pretty good job.

But when it comes to the big screen, Tom Brady has to be at the top of the NFL actors list. Whether it's an appearance in Stuck On You, with Boston's Matt Damon, or Ted 2, with Boston's Mark Wahlberg, Brady is always available for a cameo.

And so when the Entourage movie came out and it featured a wide range of Patriots players, it's clear that Wahlberg's relationship to the Patriots played a role.

It also turns out that Brady was the film's second choice- behind Eli Manning. Apparently the Giants quarterback stood everyone up, and New England's finest had to swoop in to save the day.

Take that, Eli. Way to get some bad karma before the Patriots vs Giants III: Showdown of Destiny.