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DeflateGate: Tom Brady's Appeal Date Set for June 23rd

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The Patriots quarterback will get his day with Roger Goodell.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have his appeal heard on Tuesday, June 23rd. Brady will be appealing the ludicrous suspension handed down by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Here's how everything will likely play out.

June 23rd: Brady's camp will show all of the flaws in the report and in the investigation process to Goodell. Goodell will try to sneak out of the window during a five-minute recess.

June 26th, 4:59 PM: The NFL will have an info dump saying that Goodell has not deemed the evidence provided by the Patriots to be worthy of redacting his initial penalty, but he's found it in the depths of his heart to reduce the suspension to two-games.

June 26th, 5:01 PM: Brady's camp will reject because everything is ridiculous.

June 27th: The NFLPA will escalate the appeals process to the district courts in order to vacate the penalty awarded by the NFL on the grounds that Goodell isn't impartial. The NFLPA will win and the courts will listen to the case.

September 9th: The courts will rule in favor of the NFLPA on grounds that Goodell wasn't impartial, that the penalty wasn't in line with past precedence, and that the NFL was literally the worst.

September 10th: Tom Brady takes the field against the Pittsburgh Steelers!

September 15th: No one cares about DeflateGate anymore.