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Patriots Coaching Staff Wins with Consistency

The New England coaching staff is returning almost the entire roster from the previous system. Like with players, coaching consistency wins.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It's not a surprise that New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is the longest tenured head coach in the league as he enters his 16th year with the team. Consistency in the coaching ranks is just as important as consistency with the depth chart, and Belichick has done a good job of creating a fantastic coaching roster.

This off-season, special teams coach Scott O'Brien retired from coaching to assume a consulting role in the front office. O'Brien joined the Patriots in 2009 and held the job for six years. He is replaced by Joe Judge, who is no stranger to the team; Judge is entering his fourth year with the team, with the previous three as O'Brien's assistant. Former Patriots player Ray Ventrone, who spent four seasons with the Patriots, has taken over as Judge's assistant.

Belichick builds his playing depth a year early, instead of a year too late, and his coaching staff is no different. When Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia leave for heading jobs in the next year or two, there will be coaches ready to take over when called upon.

Ventrone is the only new face in the ranks, and spent four seasons with the team as a player. There are five coaches that have spent 10 or more seasons with Belichick in New England (and one who pre-dates Belichick), which is a truly stunning model of consistency.

Ivan Fears, Running Backs; Fears is entering his 19th season with the Patriots. He coached wide receivers from 1991-92, and again from 1999-01. He has been the Patriots running backs coach since 2002. He's a staple of the coaching staff.

Josh McDaniels, Offensive Coordinator, Quarterbacks; McDaniels is entering his 12th year under Belichick, and he managed to squeeze in a two year hiatus in the middle (remember he rejoined the staff at the end of the 2011 season). McDaniels was a defensive assistant from 2002-03 when he first joined the team. He's the top head coaching candidate this upcoming season.

Matt Patricia, Defensive Coordinator; Patricia is entering his 12th season with the Patriots. After starting as an offensive assistant from 2004-05, Patricia coached the linebackers and had one year as the safety coach before becoming the coordinator. He's another top candidate for a head coaching spot in the next couple of years.

Brian Daboll, Tight Ends; Daboll is entering his 11th year under Belichick, even though he left from 2007-11 to act as offensive coordinator for a couple teams. Daboll started as a defensive assistant before taking over as wide receiver coach. He spent two seasons as a utility coach upon his return, and is now helping with the tight ends.

Josh Boyer, Safeties; Boyer is entering his 10th year on the Patriots. He spent his first three years as a defensive assistant, and was then named defensive backs coach. He was much maligned when he wasn't given the highest quality players to work with, but he's certainly come into his own.

Brian Flores, Cornerbacks; Flores is entering his 8th year as a coach, after spending four seasons as a Patriots scout. Flores spent his first two seasons as the special teams assistant, his third season as the offensive assistant, and his fourth season as the defensive assistant. He knows every facet of the game. He has been the cornerbacks coach since 2012.

Chad O'Shea, Wide Receivers; O'Shea is entering his 7th year as a Patriots coach and has coached the wide receivers the entire time.

Patrick Graham, Linebackers; Graham is entering his 7th year under Belichick. He spent his first two seasons as a defensive assistant, and has acted as defensive line and linebacker coach as needed.

Joe Judge, Special Teams; Judge is entering his 4th year with the Patriots, all of them as a special teams coach.

Dave DeGuglielmo, Offensive Line; "Guge" is entering his 2nd year with the Patriots, having replaced the all time great Dante Scarnecchia.

Brendan Daly, Defensive Line; Daly is entering his 2nd year as the Patriots defensive line coach, having replaced long time coach Pepper Johnson.

Ray Ventrone, Special Teams Assistant; Ventrone is in his 1st year as a Patriots coach, but has four years of experience as a player.