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Live Updates: Tom Brady's Salem State Press Conference

The Patriots quarterback is set to speak for the first time since the release of the Wells Report. This is a live tracker of the evening.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been scheduled to speak to broadcaster Jim Gray at Salem State for a long time, but the recent release of the Wells Report changes the environment. Follow along for live updates.

In the meantime, read my thoughts on the Wells Report.

This isn't a guy who looks afraid.


Delay to start the conference as the sold out audience continues to file into the auditorium.

7:50 PM

WHERE IS TOM. I'm going crazy listening to Santana on the live feed.

8:00 PM

Presentation is starting now. Expecting first five minutes to be from the University President, followed by Brady's turn.

Tom Brady has entered the building. "M-V-P" chants.

8:05 PM

Tom Brady approaching the podium.

8:07 PM

Brady sits down with Gray. Looking extremely relaxed.

"This is like a Patriots pep rally!" - Brady

8:12 PM

"There is an elephant in the room." - Gray

"Where?!" - Brady

Brady mentions that he hasn't fully been able to read and address the report. He's involved in a process and wants to be more prepared when he makes his statements.

8:14 PM

"Life so much is about ups and downs, and I accept my roles and responsibilities as a public figure. I take the good with the bad." - Brady

"Has this detracted from your joy of winning a Super Bowl?" - Gray


8:16 PM

"Do you care that you're getting pummeled?" - Gray

"I care what the people close to me think. There's a lot of people that don't like Tom Brady. I'm okay with that." - Brady

Brady's talking about his time cliff jumping. It was the result of peer pressure and trying to impress a girl (his wife! Awwwwww!).

"She's a great wife, but an even better mom." - Brady on Gisele Bundchen

8:18 PM

Brady mentioned that he skipped the White House because he had a family engagement and that he wasn't given enough of a heads up to avoid it. "I've been there three times professionally and one time in college. [If we go next year] I'll absolutely be there. It's an honor."

Brady extremely lax. Entirely different person from the January press conference, where it felt like he had never been the suspect of anything in his life. He will speak on the subject in the future, likely with his agent and a lawyer, but it's going to be extremely choreographed.

8:35 PM

8:40 PM

8:50 PM

Brady is now taking questions from the audience.

9:00 PM

And in closing: