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Tom Brady is an Elite Quarterback, but so is Ryan Tannehill

The two AFC East quarterbacks are two of the more Google searched quarterbacks in the league.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

This is not an evaluation of Tom Brady or Ryan Tannehill. This is not going to breakdown the film, or evaluate their decision making or throwing motion. This isn't even going to reference their play on the field.

But it seems that both Brady and Tannehill are considered elite quarterbacks by the masses.

A redditor by the name of TurnTwo compiled a chart of the Google search results for the statement "[Starting quarterback] is an elite quarterback." New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady came in 3rd place with 396,000 search results, just edging out Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and his 395,000 results.

In second is Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan with 431,000 results.

In first? Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill with an astounding 1,240,000 results. He has nearly three times the results of the second place Ryan. The result could imply Tannehill is truly the quarterback that should be considered on the cusp of greatness. Any quarterback better than Tannehill is elite. Any quarterback worse than him is merely very good.

It should be noted that two very-much-so elite quarterbacks bring up the rear of the list, with the Cowboys Tony Romo and the Steelers Ben Roethlisberger, so don't use this list as any justification that Brady is more elite than any other quarterback on the list.

Instead, let's interpret this information as an understanding that the masses believe an AFC East rival finally has a quarterback that could challenge his way into the top ranks of the league.