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Julian Edelman is the League's Leader in Out Routes

The Patriots top receiver led the league in Out routes.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus (PFF) is tracking the type of routes that wide receivers are executing on the football field. It's a helpful guide to see how teams utilize players, and how offensive coordinators scheme to get players open. For instance, did you know that the Packers have the top two players in the league with regards to slant routes run, and three players in the top ten? It seems like the slant route does a great job of generating space and providing a good target for Aaron Rodgers, and maybe there's some value with regards to developing young wide receivers.

PFF just posted their rankings for out routes and there is a familiar face that dominates the league. Julian Edelman is the league's premier out route runner.

Edelman posted the second most out routes in the entire league, with 110 plays, and runs this specific route 15.8% of the time. He led the league in targets (46), receptions (33), and yards (301). Edelman will receive a target 41.8% of the time he runs towards the sidelines, which seems like an important element to his game. He gains 2.74 yards per route run (YPRR), which puts him just outside the top ten with regards to production in his opportunities.

PFF didn't separate the quick out routes from the deeper variations, so it's likely that Edelman's YPRR is the product of quicker plays to compensate for the shaky offensive line play. It will be interesting to see how teams react to Edelman's route running and whether or not they'll be able to slow down one of the shiftiest receivers in the entire league.