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Thursday June 11th: Patriots Sign, Release Multiple Players

The Patriots are churning the back-end of their roster.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have been extremely busy with multiple roster transactions. Here's a summary of the new faces.


QB Matt Flynn - Flynn will be the top veteran depth at quarterback and will provide insurance in case of an injury to Jimmy Garoppolo. Flynn has starting experience so he will be a valued addition.

LB D.J. Lynch - Lynch is a rookie and will replace Brandon Spikes as a potential run thumper in camp. He stands at 6'0, 250 lbs and will likely have to compete for special teams snaps to make the roster.

TE Jimmay Mundine - Mundine is an intriguing rookie at 6'2, 240 lbs, with a 4.67 40 and an impressive 6.98 three cone. Mundine is a great receiver and has fullback experience, so he could compete with James Develin for a roster spot.

TE Logan Stokes - Stokes was primarily a blocker and will look to make an impact as a rookie. He stands at 6'3, 240 lbs and will compete with Michael Hoomanawanui for snaps.

K ???? - There were multiple reports of a second kicker at camp to help reduce the impact for Stephen Gostkowski. No one knows who it is. In the meantime, we will refer to him as "Batman."


QB Garrett Gilbert - Gilbert was moved to make space for Flynn. Gilbert was given numerous snaps on Thursday, but was subsequently released.

TE Tim Wright - Wright was released to make space for, likely, Mundine. Wright never developed as a blocker and other players offered more value as a receiver. With Scott Chandler receiving time as the second tight end, Wright's potential for seeing the field was in decline.

WR Zach D'Orazio - D'Orazio didn't make much noise, but the fact that the Patriots added another body at tight end instead of at wide receiver could imply that the other receivers in camp have played well enough to inspire some degree of confidence. It should be noted that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels heaped praise on Aaron Dobson in his press conference.