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DeflateGate: Another Research Institute Disproves the Wells Report

A research team with past success against the NFL has released a report in the Patriots favor.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Saints were in a lot of trouble for BountyGate, where persons on the team issued "bounties" for injuries to players on other teams. A research team compiled injury data that showed the Saints injured the second fewest number of opponents between 2009-2011. The NFL met with this research team and lifted the player suspensions.

This research team has just gone to bat for Tom Brady and the Patriots.

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is far from a David against the NFL's Goliath- they're a right wing entity with backing from leaders of the largest and wealthiest financial institutions. They're also far from angels, with a scrutinized history of bending their findings to support the views held by their donors. But the fact that the NFL listened the last time they spoke is a good sign for Patriots supporters.

AEI issued a report that makes the following claims:

1) The intercepted football, thrice measured, implies that the Logo gauge was used, in line with Walt Anderson's recollection, and any difference in pressure can be explained by ambient temperature changes.

2) The statistical significance between the Patriots and Colts footballs is not because the Patriots were underinflated- they were inflated exactly as expected according to the Ideal Gas Law- but because the Colts were measured above their expected range.

This isn't to say that the Colts overinflated their footballs; all it's saying that any difference in the football pressure is perfectly explained by the time the Colts footballs were allowed to adjust to the indoors temperature prior to measurement. The simplest explanation is more likely the correct one: everything is explained by natural causes.

This information or interpretation isn't really new, but the source carries weight and past success when going against the league. You can be certain that Brady's camp will bring this report to their hearing on June 23rd.