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2014 New England Patriots Receive their Super Bowl Rings

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Yesterday, the world champions were awarded their jewelry at Robert Kraft's home.

This year's offseason has been a busy one for the New England Patriots and their supporters throughout the country (and the rest of the planet). Still, one thing still stands above all the turmoil: the Patriots are world champions. And as a result of winning Super Bowl XLIX, the 2014 team was awarded its Super Bowl rings yesterday.

Each ring, designed and created by Minneapolis-based company Jostens, is made of 205 diamonds, which makes them the largest Super Bowl rings of all time. For comparison, the Patriots' last championship rings (awarded after the 2004 season) were adorned with 124 diamonds. The rings also include two phrases: "Do Your Job" and "We are all Patriots".

While not every member of last year's championship team took the time to travel to Robert Kraft's Brookline estate (*cough* Darrelle Revis *cough*), most did, including those, who are no longer with the team (like defensive tackle Vince Wilfork or running back Stevan Ridley).

To get a feel for yesterday's ring ceremony, check out the gallery above (courtesy of