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Patriots Coaches, Staff, Players Earn Their Fourth Ring

Bill Belichick has a disgusting six Super Bowl rings, but the four rings these personnel have attained are nothing to sneeze at.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has his sixth Super Bowl ring. Quarterback Tom Brady now has four. While they are the headline figure of the Patriots dynasty, here's a list of other Patriots personnel to receive four Super Bowl rings.

Ernie Adams: Belichick's right hand man since his days with the Giants and Browns, Adams is the reticent mastermind behind the Patriots cutting edge football research.

Joe Andruzzi: The former offensive guard, and member of the Patriots 2000s All Decade team, he spent the past season as an assistant coach on the team's strength and conditioning staff.

Nick Caserio: The Patriots de facto general manager joined the team for the 2001 season and now has near control over the team's personnel decisions.

Larry Cook: Cook is a scouting consultant with 54 years of experience, 30 with the Patriots. He's been a part of all eight of the franchise's Super Bowl appearances.

Brian Daboll: The tight ends coach took his leave for a few seasons to act as offensive coordinator for a few franchises, but he's been a member of every Championship team.

Jimmy Dee: Dee is the team's video director and he's in charge of compiling and editing all of the practice footage for the team.

Ivan Fears: Fears is a coaching stalwart and predates Belichick in New England. Fears was the wide receivers coach when Belichick joined and has been in charge of the running backs since 2002.

John Jastremski: He should probably deflate and give somebody that Super Bowl ring, eh?

Josh McDaniels: Similar to Daboll, McDaniels spent some time away from New England, but he's been a part of all four Champship teams.

Nancy Meier: Meier just completed her 40th season with the Patriots. She joined in 1975 and is the Director of Scouting Administration.

Berj Najarian: Berj joined the Patriots in 2000 and it's been said that the Patriots can't really function without him. He's the Director of Football and Head Coach Administration.

Fernando Neto: Neto is the assistant video director and has worked with Dee for 18 years.

Bob Quinn: Quinn joined the team in 2000 and is now the Director of Pro Scouting. He earns a lot of credit for the team's midseason acquisitions.

Brian Smith: As assistant coach for his first four years with the team, Smith transitioned into the scouting department as the college scouting coordinator.

Joe Van Allen: Van Allen joined the franchise in 2001 and is the assistant athletic trainer and director of rehabilitation.

It's also likely that former offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia received his fourth Super Bowl ring as a member of the Patriots due to his role as both a consultant and scout for the front office.