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Former Patriots Linebacker Brandon Spikes AFC Championship Ring on eBay

The former linebacker's memorabilia is available for auction.

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Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

(h/t PatriotsSB49)

The New England Patriots have ended both contracts with Brandon Spikes on bad notes. The former starting linebacker had a successful run in New England, helping the team reach the Super Bowl in 2011, but was placed on the injured reserve at the end of his tenure due to repeated tardiness at practice.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl in the one season without Spikes, before signing him back as camp depth for the 2015 season. He was subsequently released after he was connected to a hit-and-run. It's fair to say that the Patriots have cut their ties with Spikes for good.

It's also fair to say that Spikes has been cutting his ties with New England. Spikes' 2011 AFC Championship Ring is available for bid on the auction website eBay. The accompanying appraisal letter is dated February 10th, either 2013 (prior to his final season in New England) or 2015, immediately after the Patriots Super Bowl. The ring is appraised at $18,000 and the bidding stands at $19,499.

Conference rings are (obviously) less desirable than Super Bowl rings, but it makes an interesting juxtaposition with New England's 2014 Super Bowl ring ceremony having just taken place.