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Tom Brady Improves His Dancing As He Gets Older

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There's nothing Tom Brady won't try to improve to stay ahead of the game.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Dedication is what separates Tom Brady from other quarterbacks in the league. As he approaches his 38th year on Earth, he's just not satisfied with his current state- he's always trying to get better.

We saw the Patriots quarterback change up his throwing motion to become more efficient, with the hope that it would lengthen his football life. We saw Brady improve his scrambling ability to account for his weak offensive line, and also to add another skill to his tool box.

"I see some of these players- whether it be Russell Wilson, or Aaron Rodgers, or Jay Cutler does it, Alex Smith does it- the really mobile quarterbacks that do a great job for their team," Brady explained last season. "Ben Roethlisberger's done it for a lot of years. Just trying to understand how I can help our team more."

He wanted to be like the young kids. He's trying to learn and become better because everyone knows that if you're not trying to get better, someone will pass you on the field.

And yet Brady's running ability wasn't even his most improved asset on the season.

The first is from 2011, the last time the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl, Brady's 5th appearance. The second is this past Sunday, after Brady's 6th Super Bowl.

Do you see the improved footwork? Do you see the enhanced body control?

The difference between 2011 Brady and 2014 Brady isn't about his throwing motion or scrambling ability. The proof is in the pasty, sweaty, macarena-influenced pudding. We all know the real reason for Brady's improvement and success.