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DeflateGate: Ravens Terrell Suggs Supports Patriots Tom Brady

I think we're seeing the end of times- Suggs has never supported Brady EVER.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you all have your canned and dry foods packed away in a bunker. I hope you have blankets and batteries and firewood in your basement. I hope you stay away from the windows, and don't travel to Crystal Lake, and don't fall asleep.

The end of days are upon us and Terrell Suggs is one of the four horsemen.

In the past, the Ravens defender has made it clear that he will never even say the name of the Patriots quarterback.

When asked to state the name of the Patriots quarterback, Suggs replied, "He's the quarterback of the New England Patriots."

When told that Tom Brady complimented Suggs prior to their playoff game, Suggs scoffed, "Did they record him? I would've loved to see his face. He's a quarterback, I'm a defender. He got a job to do, and so do I. Naturally there's going to be some disagreement."

Suggs has no love lost for Brady, but apparently there's a limit. Suggs is now coming to the defense of Tom Brady over DeflateGate.

"The guy is a winner," Suggs said via ESPN. "He's won with whatever kind of personnel that he's had. So I don't think it really tarnished it. But you know, you need something to write about. Everybody needs something to write about and needs something to talk about. It's always something. I'm leaving that alone. They have people who handle that. I am going to stick to what we got to do here."

What's Suggs' angle here? What's his slant? Why is he calling DeflateGate a media fabrication? Is he trying to get into Brady's head? Is this similar to Andrew Luck giving daps to those players who ragdoll him on the field?

There's got to be something going on here. Let me know if you can figure it out.