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Minicamp is Over: Patriots Cancel Final Practice Tomorrow

The team announced that minicamp is over after just two of a possible three sessions.

"Look, I'm on to Nantucket."
"Look, I'm on to Nantucket."
Darren McCollester/Getty Images

After just two days, the New England Patriots' mandatory minicamp is officially over. The team announced earlier today that tomorrow's practice session has been canceled:

This means that the next time we will see the 2015 version of the Patriots on a football field will be in six weeks from now, when training camp kicks off.

Why would the team cancel another chance to improve, though? After all, last year's team – which of course would go on to win the Super Bowl – did practice all three days of minicamp.

It is not uncommon for teams to give players the final day of minicamp off if the coaching staff is happy with the squad's progress. It seems as if Bill Belichick and company are just that after 12 spring practice sessions (10 OTAs plus 2 minicamp practices) and thus feel confident calling tomorrow's session off.

Well... either that or Belichick is just really eager to get back to Nantucket and take his re-named boat on a trip.