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DeflateGate: Cites 4th Grader To Debunk Report's Science

When a 4th grader is debunking a multi-million dollar report, maybe the league should stop and think about what they're doing with their lives.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't been keeping up with DeflateGate and the Patriots rebuttal website (and why would you?), then you're missing out on two great updates that New England's added to the website.

They've added a section for "Critical Articles" and "Critical Science Articles". While all of our hard work hasn't been added to either section, and your investigation of "deflate and give somebody that jkt" deserves a Pulitzer, there are plenty of interesting articles for easy access.

Most of the articles come from the main beat writers, although there is one link to a Maxim dissection of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's actions (NSFW?). You can read our quick breakdown of the obvious flaws in the report.

The Science section is the best. It includes multiple professors from credible institutions, and from independent science facilities. It also happens to cite a 4th grader's science fair project that put footballs in the oven and in the freezer.

That has to be the boldest source for the Patriots to use, but truth often comes from the mouths of babes. I would love to see New England throw a 4th grader's project in the face of a $5 million investigation.

Ultimately, the Wells Report has no legs, but that unfortunately doesn't matter when it comes to discipline. The fact that the footballs pressure can and are explained entirely by ambient temperatures means that the onus is on the league to prove that the Patriots deflated anything at all. The league didn't discover any concrete proof of anything other than ineptitude and lackadaisical processing at the hand of the officials.

Hopefully the courts will show that the league was acting way out of line. I'm pretty certain a fourth grade teacher would have rejected the league's conclusion based upon the evidence at hand.