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Tom Brady Appeal Open Thread

Tom Brady's appeal is under way.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In the words of King Theodin in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: so it begins.

Tommy B's appeal is officially underway, and the media circus has already begun. If there are any criminals, thugs, degenerates, or scumbags looking to do something reprehensible, today is the day to do it, because there is absolutely no chance anybody is going to notice anything that goes down today other than the goings-on of this incredibly important and reality-altering appeal.

Who knows exactly what is going to come out of today, how long this thing is going to take, or if any of it actually even matters; there's a very strong contingent who believes that Goodell already knows exactly what he's going to do regarding Tom Brady's suspension, and based on the judgments he has made in the past, they may be onto something.

Regardless, use this thread to discuss updates, developments, and any news that may be breaking over the course of today. The Pats Pulpit comment section is where a lot of us get much of our football coverage, as we all seem to be pretty tapped into the right resources, so it's good to have everything all in one place.