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New England Patriots Links 6/04/15 - Mama Come Home

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Daily news and links for 6/04/15

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports


Drew Bledsoe spent some time running the team's Twitter account!


According to ESPN's Mike Reiss, the Patriots are roughly league average with their current salary cap status.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski will be appearing on Family Feud with his whole family.

The Herald's Jeff Howe highlights some players he will be looking for at today's OTAs, the second one open to the public.

CSNNE's Lou Merloni says moving Devin McCourty to cornerback will weaken two positions.

Per McCourty, he'd rather stay at safety.


NFL Network's Gregg Rosenthall thinks the Patriots have the weakest running back group in the league. Good thing he didn't rank cornerbacks.

From ESPN, quarterback Tom Brady ranks third in jersey sales.


Former cornerback Aqib Talib doesn't have anything to say on DeflateGate, but we'll report it anyways.

The Herald's Karen Guregian says that Brady should end his fight after the appeal, while Jeff Howe says he should fight to the end.

Roger Goodell says he won't be stepping down from Brady's appeals.

Drew Bledsoe thinks DeflateGate is dumb.


Marima please come home