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Patriots Chasing Franchise Records: Tight End Rob Gronkowski

A couple New England Patriots are on the verge of setting franchise history. Here's Rob Gronkowski.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is on the verge of setting franchise records, or climbing towards the top of the list. Here's where he stands:

Receptions: 308; Rank: 9th

While Gronkowski still has a couple more years before he sets the franchise record (Wes Welker, 672 receptions), he's likely to climb pass Deion Branch (328), Terry Glenn (329), and Irving Fryar (363) to get into 6th place. Kevin Faulk is in 5th, with 431 receptions. While 123 receptions is certainly not impossible, it's definitely not likely. Ben Coates is the #1 tight end with 490 receptions.

Yards: 4,379; Rank: 9th

Stanley Morgan holds the franchise record with 10,352 receiving yards, and Gronk will likely have to play five more seasons in New England to get anywhere near that mark. A healthy Gronk will probably move up to 5th place, passing Gino Cappelletti (4,589), Terry Glenn (4,669), Jim Colclough (5,001), and Ben Coates (5,471, #1 tight end). There's also a chance he can move into 4th place with a 1,347 yard campaign, passing Irving Fryar and his 5,726 yards.

Touchdowns: 54; Rank: 2nd

In a short career, Gronkowski has flown up the Patriots chart in touchdown. Only Stanley Morgan and his 67 touchdown receptions are in Gronk's way, and a 13 touchdown season for the Patriots All Pro tight end seems more probable than not.