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Patriots Chasing NFL Records: Quarterback Tom Brady

The New England Patriots quarterback is on his way to set some league records, or at least come close to the top.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

While it's uncertain if New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will play the full season, here's a list of league records he'll be chasing down.

Attempts: 7,168; Rank: 6th

Brett Favre's 10,169 attempts are far out of reach (Brady will need six more seasons to catch him), and Peyton Manning will continue to add to his 9,049. Dan Marino's 8,358 attempts are out of reach this year, and Drew Brees will also be adding to his 7,458. But Brady can pass John Elway and his 7,250 attempts pretty easily.

Completions: 4,551; Rank: 5th

Brady already passed Elway in completions, and his chasing Favre, Manning, Marino, and Brees. Marino's 4,967 completions are likely out of reach as Brady has never had a 416 completion season (his personal best is 401, which he reached in 2011 and 2012). He will likely remain in 5th this season.

Yards: 53,258; Rank: 5th

Brady is behind the same four players, and all four are out of reach (barring an early season injury to Brees). So long as the Saints quarterback remains active, Marino is the next quarterback in Brady's sights with 61,361 yards, which is likely two seasons away.

Touchdowns: 392; Rank: 5th

Brady is behind the same four, but both Marino (420) and Brees (396) are possible targets. 28 touchdowns are very likely out of a full season of Brady, and Brees will be operating Kenny Stills (his top receiver from 2014, now in Miami) and Jimmy Graham (his top touchdown receiver in 2014, now in Seattle). It wouldn't be surprising to see Brady throw for four more touchdowns than Brees, and for Brady to finish the season in 3rd place.

Game-Winning Drives: 46; Rank: t-3rd, John Elway

Peyton is 1st with 52, and Marino is 2nd with 51. Brady has nine game winning drives over the past two seasons, defined as an offensive scoring drive in the 4th quarter or overtime that wins the game, so matching Marino is very possible.

There are just four quarterbacks ahead of Brady from a volume standpoint: Favre, Manning, Marino, and Brees. With two seasons, Brady will surpass Marino, and with five he will be passing Favre.