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DeflateGate: Tom Brady Appeal Decision Today or Tomorrow

Sources believe that Roger Goodell will make his decision on Tom Brady's appeal over the next couple of days.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

In what sounds like a punch line for a terrible joke, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to announce his decision on the appeal of Tom Brady for his (non)actions in DeflateGate either today or tomorrow.

Jason Wolfe works closely with Glenn Ordway, so it wouldn't be surprising if they share a source on this matter. You might better know Ordway as "The Big O" from The Big Show on WEEI.

We are currently in the midst of MLB's All Star Week, which means there are no games in any of the United States' four major sports the day before and after the All Star game. If Goodell is truly going to announce his decision on Brady's appeal right now, the joke is how perfectly he aligned his decision with a competing sport's All Star game.

It's a fact that more people will want to talk about DeflateGate than the MLB All Star game. If Goodell can use this story line to cover up the more unsavory issues surrounding the NFL during Super Bowl week, or wait until after the free agency period and draft are done before announcing the Wells Report in the middle of the NHL and NBA playoffs, or announce his decision during the MLB All Star game, more power to him.

But it just becomes more and more evident that power was all this farce of a "scandal" and "investigation" was ever about.

The New England Patriots await with bated breath.