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DeflateGate: If Brady Misses Any Games, He Will Go to Federal Court

According to sources, Brady will sue the NFL if his suspension is upheld.

The Odd Couple.
The Odd Couple.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since June 23, the day of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's appeal hearing, the football world has wondered what will happen to Brady's four-game suspension due to his alleged role in the DeflateGate scandal/farce.

It is unknown when the league will release independent (lol) arbitrator Roger Goodell's decision (which is expected to be released either today or in the upcoming days) but it seems that one thing is certain: if Brady will miss any games due to a suspension, he will challenge the ruling in federal court.

ABC News' Ryan Smith was the first to report this:

That Brady is willing to go all the way to fight his suspension comes as no surprise. It is nice to actually see it reported by someone, though (although, due to the nature of the sources, this report might have to be taken with a grain of salt).

Tom Brady won't accept some lighter form of punishment since he believes he is innocent. A suspension of any length, however, would basically be an admission of guilt and it seems sure that Brady wants to be cleared of any wrongdoing.