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Funny or Die: A Gronking To Remember, A Major Motion Picture

Now presenting, A Gronking to Remember, the Movie!!

I know you've all been waiting for A Gronking to Remember to become a major motion picture. We're lucky enough to be able to provide you all with a sneak peak of the upcoming film.

(this is not suitable for work, or probably kids under the age of 13)

No lie, I'd watch this. I'd watch it before Entourage or Ted 2. Rob Gronkowski is easily the best character in the entire NFL and you just have to support that, especially in movie form. The New England Patriots are lucky to have him on the roster, and at such a reasonable price.

Seriously, he can spike all of the champagne bottles that he wants to for the rest of his life, and he can probably buy them from the top shelf.

Good on you, Gronk. I hope you become a fixture in Hollywood.