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DeflateGate: Rich Eisen and Rob Gronkowski Talk About Tom Brady

The NFL Network's host spoke with the Patriots tight end about the status of his quarterback.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski continued his book tour around the country, he sat down with the NFL Network's Rich Eisen and talked little bit about DeflateGate.

Eisen tried to pry some information out of Gronk, but it typical Bill Belichick fashion, Gronk said a whole bunch of nothing, even though he's clearly ready to move on from the whole ordeal.

RICH: Now look, this is not your case. This is not your situation, but Tom is gonna be in a position it seems over the next few days, if not later today, where he's gonna have to make a decision to appeal to a higher court whatever the commissioner says unless it surprises everybody and it comes back, 'hey, it's all much ado about--'

GRONK: Hopefully that happens and then everything will go away, everyone will be happy. Brady vs. Roethlisberger week one, can't ask for a better thing so hopefully that happens and everything gets put behind because it's getting a little ridiculous with how long they're dragging it out for.

Gronkowski also noted that he hasn't spoken about Brady's plans for taking this to courts during their many offseason training sessions.

The full video is below: