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MMQB: New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady the NFL's Most Influential for 2015

The New England Patriots' starting quarterback has been tagged by Sports Illustrated as the NFL's Most Influential Person for 2015.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You only have to listen to Tom Brady and his pregame speech from the Super Bowl to understand how he will be approaching the remainder of his career.

"It's about honor," the New England Patriots quarterback hyped to the rest of his team. "It's about respect."

And, really, at this point in Brady's career, that's all that's left.

Monday Morning Quarterback named Tom Brady as their #1 most influential person for the NFL's 2015 season, just ahead of Commissioner Roger Goodell (#2), Eagles head coach Chip Kelly (#3), and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (#4).

Brady earns their top billing due to the pending firestorm he's about to unleash on the NFL, on both the field and the court room. Angry Brady is best Brady and now that this farce of an investigation is nearing an end, Angry Brady is what teams will have to expect for the 2015 season.

Angry Brady is responsible for winning games on the opening drive.

Angry Brady is capable of impossible throws.

Angry Brady is the best player in any sport on any planet and he will be taking the field next season. Angry Brady will decide whether or not the Patriots score on any given drive. Angry Brady will decide whether Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell, or Guy in Section 319, Seat 14B will catch ten passes for 200 yards and three touchdowns.

Brady is the scariest player in the NFL and he is rightfully the most influential. For Brady, he wants that next ring. He wants that next division title. He wants that next win.

If anyone had any hope that he would ride off gently into the sunset now that he has his fourth Super Bowl title, Roger Goodell and Ted Wells ensured that Belichick wasted a draft pick on Jimmy Garoppolo. Brady is playing for another fifteen years, for another four Super Bowl titles, for another chance to prove to the world that no one can take away his honor, or show him any disrespect.

Brady is going to go scorched earth on the NFL in 2015. The league will never be the same.